Wordpress Security Master Class

Learn both basic & advanced techniques to defeat hackers and prevent malware infection on your website.
Level of Difficulty: All Levels
Course Length: 3hrs 34mins
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What you'll learn

  • Implement the basic steps to protect their WordPress website
  • Use some of the very best WordPress security plugins
  • Spot the critical signs that a website has been compromised
  • Learn how to fix a website that has been hacked
  • Enforce advanced techniques to harden their WordPress websites against malware

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WordPress Security is a critical topic among website owners. With the increasing number of vulnerabilities and attacks that are happening every minute, anyone can be a victim of these breaches—both companies big and small as well as individuals.

Below are some shocking statistics on why WordPress security is such a big issue

  • Each week, Google blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware, and around 50,000 for phishing.
  •  Hackers attack WordPress sites both big and small, with over 90,978 attacks happening per minute
  • 18 million WordPress users were compromised during the worst breach of WordPress security.
  •  73% of the 40,000 most popular websites that use the WordPress software are vulnerable to attack
  • 52% of reported WordPress security vulnerabilities relate to WordPress plugins

The objective of this course is teach you both basic and advanced techniques that you can apply to properly secure and harden your WordPress website against hackers and cyber criminals.

Basic techniques

You will start by learning how the basics. How to manage your plugins, create strong passwords, use HTTPS & SSL, deploy 2 factor authentication methods and more.


What happens if you do get hacked? Learn how to fix your website, scan for malware and remove them.

Advanced Techniques

Take your security measures to the next level. Learn how to secure your most important files, disable hot linking, disable PHP executions, block IP addresses and more.

Security Plugins

Learn how to use 9 of the best plugins for WordPress security.

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