The Complete WordPress SEO Blueprint

Learn about WordPress SEO, Keywords, Google Trends, Page Authority, Speed Optimization, Bounce Rates and so much more
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Difficulty: Beginner
Length: 4.5 Hours
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About this Class

What is the point in having the best services, products or even articles when no one can find you on the internet? If you plan on having a successful business or website online, then your Search Engine Optimization needs to be top notch.

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide for WordPress SEO in 2020. This is a course I have designed specifically to help you get your websites and content on the first page of Google and other major search engines using the latest techniques.

So what exactly am I going to learn?

Glad you asked. This course is broken down into 4 main sections.


rank math

Learn how to work with and configure the most powerful SEO plugin for WordPress.


I will show you how to create content that both search engines and humans will love and will want to share with their contacts.

keyword research

I am going to show you some of the best web tools for researching and finding keywords.


SPOLIER ALERT - Humans and search engines HATE slow websites. I will show you how to turn your website into a speed demon.

Course Content

Introduction to SEO
Google Analytics & Google Search Console
Rank Math
Keywords Research & Competition
Content Optimization
Speed Optimization